Find the Best Compass

Our reviews of Digital Compasses, Wrist watch Compass, zipper Compass, and GPS

A basic compass costs between $12 and $25
advanced compasses, about $40 to $70

How to Choose the Best Compass
navigate with map and compass is a crucial life saving skill
Navigation is an important wilderness skill

Earth is a big magnet

best compass for the money
Survival Compass

compass for land navigation

best compass for orienteering
Base Plate Compass

best military compass
Prismatic and Lensatic Sighting Compass

Hybrid Compasses

best cheap compass
best compass for hiking
compass for hikers

best compass for hunting

small compasses built in to watchbands or attached to zipper pulls

best compass app

best compass watches
digital compasses require battery power

Features of a compass:

Magnetized needle
Rotating bezel (or azimuth ring)
Orienting arrows and lines

Extra Features
Magnifying lens: Some compasses have one set into the baseplate; it’s handy for reading map details.
Luminescent indicators: If you’re starting before sunup or finding your way back after sunset, you’ll be glad you have a compass that has this feature.

Declination adjustment
Sighting mirror
Global needle

Global-positioning system receiver
(commonly known by the letters GPS)

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